My name is Julian Alvarez, i live in a town of Chichiriviche in Venezuela. I'm the one called "Carlos" in this project, i didn't want to use my real name when i was afraid i'll get in trouble with the government (we were questioned by government agents already). But i'm ok with it now, they know the food aid wasn't from US so they are ok with it.

You can call me one of the "lucky ones" here in Venezuela, i have a decent home, connections to get supplies and the most important thing, connections abroad.

I've been living out of cryptocurrencies for the last 2 years, that was when our country went really bad. I couldn't leave the country, i have A LOT of close friends and family here in Chichiriviche. I've been feeding 8 families for the past 2 years, I've received a lot of help, the biggest one happened few days ago when i was able to deliver 12500kg of food to my town, literally feeding everyone here.

Cryptocoin community Bitcoin Interest (BCI) bitcoininterest.io donated enough Bitcoin (BTC) to get 5000kg of chicken and 7500kg mix of rice and corn flour, thats 1kg of chicken and 1.5kg of rice and flour to everyone here in Chichiriviche. We called this #FoodNotLambos.

I'm not begging for donations, im not gonna even tell how to donate cryptos for me on this page. There is a lot of charity scammers, be aware when you donate!

Thats me on the motorcycle

Here is picture of me with my ID to prove who i am

And the second one

Download images and videos as .zip files:

I give free permission to use these files, if you use these i just want you to add mention this webpage https://foodnotlambos.com

Videos can be found here